3 highlights you need to know about Neusoft Medical @ RSNA 2022

Release time:2022.12.29
The 108th Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2022), the Oscar in the radiology, was held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from November 27 to December 1, 2022.
With the theme of "Empowering patients and partners in care ," the conference attracted many radiologists and industry professionals across the globe. During the opening session, RSNA President Bruce G. Haffty, MD, presented the keynote address "Diagnostic Imaging: Value from the lens of the patient," explaining his vision of how imaging can guide physicians' decisions and, in turn, bring happiness to patients.

"The bottom line is to make the patient and their family feel as reassured and comfortable as possible regarding the imaging experience—from start to finish," Dr. Haffty said. "Image results are the tip of the iceberg. Imaging's true value through the lens of the patient—quality of life, comfort, peace of mind, certainty, hope and trust— all lies below the surface for us to explore together."
As a key player and enabler in the development of global radiology, Neusoft Medical presented a number of innovations at RSNA for the 23rd time, and had in-depth exchanges and interactions with radiologists, scholars, and partners from all over the world.

#Highlight 1
Top-tier technologies presented at the tradeshow
To meet the challenges of the industry, Neusoft Medical has continued to promote the advancement of large medical devices towards intelligence and integration of diagnosis and treatment in recent years. NeuAngio-CT, NeuViz Epoch CT, NeuMR 1.5T and NeuWise PET/CT and other products at RSNA represent the comprehensive upgrade of Neusoft Medical’s goal to rebuilding advantages, improving quality, and empowering the future of digital intelligence.
Debuting at RSNA, the NeuAngio-CT opens a new era for multi-modality solutions. We can provide 512 slices CT or 126 slices CT with our high end Angiography systems according to the doctor’s needs. One-stop Multi-Modality Clinical Solutions are available for Stroke, Cardiac, Traumatology, and Oncology for fast diagnosis and treatment.
NeuViz Epoch CT, with a breakthrough AI technology platform, based on the powerful hardware including unlimited tube and 16cm wide detector, delivers much simpler, effective, and contributive procedures. As for MRI, Neusoft Medial showcased NeuMR 1.5T, which is the first MRI with AIM. NeuMR 1.5T provides AIM workflow, AIM platform and AIM applications. In addition to NeuMR 1.5T, we also brought the latest NeuMR Rena film with the latest clinical applications. NeuWise PET/CT and NeuViz ACE(SP)CT also attracted radiologists’ attention.

#Highlight 2
Empowering Clinics and Partners with Intelligent Imaging Solutions
While driving product performance to the next level through digital intelligence, Neusoft Medical's customers and partners are also empowered by Intelligent Imaging to achieve increased capabilities and value.

Xavier Gourgues, Chief clinical marketing and research, introduced our technology to customers at RSNA: "we have integrated our artificial intelligence, deep learning, and denoising of the images. It is Convolutional Neural Networks based on deep learning. We apply for different types of matrix, it allows us to get some extremely ultra low dose images with ultra high resolution. We have applied this technology to all our CT acquisitions and it allows us to decrease crazy high dose and increase the image quality."
Dr. Mario Lara, a radiologist from Colombia expressed, “I have three NeuViz ACE CT in Colombia. It is based on 512 CT technology of the latest generation and is brought here to 16 or 32-slice equipment. NeuViz ACE CT benefits from high-end technology and ensures an investment at a very comfortable price.”
Neusoft Medical’s Egyptian partner Youssef Akram speaks highly of our cooperation. ”Our group has been representing Neusoft Medical Systems for more than 10 years now. We see how they have grown as a company. We see how they have grown in all aspects of technology and after sales service and etc. We hope to keep on being partners with Neusoft Medical for many years to come.”

When Neusoft Medical made its debut at the RSNA 23 years ago, the exhibitors were all headquarter employees. At this year’s RSNA, foreign employees from North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and other regions have accounted for 75%. From exporting CTs to Europe for the first time in 2000, to having operation teams in more than 10 countries around the world today, Neusoft Medical has completed the metamorphosis from business internationalization to capability localization with continuous and in-depth overseas expansion.
Empowering the development of the global healthcare industry with imaging has always been the goal and source of power for us to implement its localization strategy. After launching the "Imaging Talent" program last year to help young radiologists around the world start their own businesses, Neusoft Medical held the Global CT Clinical Imaging Competition this year to build a learning and exchange platform for frontline radiologists.

Since the competition was held in September, more than 50 finalists have been selected through the global selection process. In her acceptance speech, Dr. Shirley Alarcon, one of the winners from Peru, said "To provide more comprehensive medical services, Servimovil introduced Neusoft Medical's NeuViz 128 CT, which can obtain high-resolution images with little acquisition time and low dose, and has been a great help to our center. We also use it to complete many advanced examinations such as angiograms of the coronary arteries, cranial, thoracoabdominal aorta, pulmonary arteries, and lower extremities."

Empowering the World with Intelligent Imaging. Neusoft Medical will continue to address human health issues directly in the future, focus on digital intelligence transformation and whole-chain innovation, and provide more accurate, accessible, and affordable products for doctors, patients, and partners worldwide.