Neusoft Medical brings high-end 128 slices CT to Zimbabwe

Release time:2022.09.07
When Neusoft Medical’s local engineer received the user’s notification that the site was ready, our headquarter immediately dispatched him to Zimbabwe to assist the hospital engineer with the installation of the NeuViz 128 Pro.

As this is the first NeuViz 128 Pro installed by a Chinese medical device manufacturer in Zimbabwe, it has attracted keen interest from radiographers.

As a top-level comprehensive hospital with daily cardiac diagnosis requirements, this NeuViz 128 Pro will powerfully support efficient workflow for the radiographers.

We have learned that this hospital has been focusing on offering cardiac catheterization and orthopedic procedures in the past years.

Because of the lack of high-end medical imaging solutions, an increased number of people travelled outside the country to seek medical treatment for cardiac diagnoses and other complicated ailments. Therefore, after our high-end NeuViz 128 Pro was installed, the hospital`s radiographers and engineers were very engaged in our high-end medical imaging solutions and training.
The NeuViz 128 Pro will bring significant service for the local medical community. Neusoft Medical always leads the innovation trend on LOW DOSE exams with more care and specific cardiac applications.

The NeuViz 128 Pro CTA allows the analysis of various heart functions that can meet cardiac examination requirements. A hospital with high-end medical imaging solutions and facilities will radiate to nearby clinics and citizens, giving them access to better medical services in Zimbabwe.