State-of-the-art technologies are presented in full swing in MENA

Release time:2022.08.19
In the past two months, together with local partners, Neusoft Medical MENA team participated in several conferences to deliver Intelligent Imaging technologies and value to imaging practitioners.

Neusoft Medical has participated in the Les 20èmes Journées De L'Association Franco-Marocaine De Radiologie (AFMR) in Morocco through our local partner Promamec. At the conference, our team has introduced the premium and latest technologies implemented in Neusoft Medical Systems. The conference continued for two days and included meetings with radiology experts, radiologists and relevant professionals.

The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and Medical Technology has organized the first African Medical Exhibition and Conference Africa Health ExCon, which will  be the continental hub for innovation and trade in Egypt as well as in Africa. Neusoft Medical aims to create a sustainable platform that connects all healthcare workers and stakeholders jointly in the world market. The exhibition is considered as an annual forum between companies working in the medical field and healthcare officials from Africa and all over the world, for companies to display the latest technologies in the medical field. Neusoft Medical contributed through partners Allamna and Servomed to announce the advanced medical imaging solutions which help to offer better healthcare services.

Neusoft Medical Systems team has delivered a successful presentation and workshop in the field of Vascular Imaging starting from patient preparations to post-processing and analysis of image data in the 4E Édition Des Journées Algérienne Du Manipulateur Imagerie Médicale (JAMIM) in Algiers.This successful workshop and hands on training were performed on two AVW workstations, producing excellent image quality using an array of applications. The attendees were impressed with the post-processing capabilities of the AVW and corresponding applications. They expressed clearly that it’s the most friendly software and applications they’ve ever experienced.