Neusoft Medical Peru celebrates 10 years of glory with local customers

Release time:2022.08.19
From the bustling city of Lima to Cusco, the birthplace of the Inca Empire;from Iquitos on the southern shore of the Amazon rainforest to Ica, where the desert is widespread;from Puno, with an altitude of 3,827 meters, to the surfing resort of Piura. It is easy to find Neusoft Medical’s equipment in every major city in Peru.
2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Peruvian subsidiary. Neusoft Medical started the business in Peru with a simple dream: to bring equality in CT and MRI to the Peruvian people and to provide a reliable service to Neusoft's customers in Peru. In ten years, Neusoft Medical, a Chinese brand from more than 17,000 kilometers, has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the largest local medical equipment suppliers in Peru. Now, more than a hundred Neusoft medical devices are operating in Peru every day, providing safe, high-end and accessible medical imaging diagnostic services to thousands of Peruvians. 

Embracing the growing business, our local Peruvian group is comprised of application experts, engineers, financial personnel, and business administration specialists. Our localized layout has enabled Neusoft Medical Peru to break through obstacles and accomplish the impossible even during the epidemic. Peru has the largest spare parts and equipment warehouse in Neusoft Medical Latin America. This ensures on-time delivery of equipment, service and spare parts . A strong service team to ensure continuity of installation and maintenance. An experienced clinical training team to enable customers to quickly master equipment's skills and maximize the equipment's advantages to provide timely scanning services to patients. 

We are proud to have cultivated a wealth of radiology applications and maintenance talents for Peru. Neusoft Medical trained the first group of Latin American engineers and the first batch of Latin American product managers. In addition, we have provided jobs for local talents helping them find their value in life. We also have exchanges and collaborations with local medical schools to train future imaging professionals for the Peruvian medical community.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Neusoft Medical Peru held a scientific program BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING IN RADIOLOGY & STATE-OF-THE-ART IN RADIOLOGY. This aims to present to the Peruvian imaging community our latest innovations in R&D in recent years. In the second half of the lecture, we also held a workshop, which required pre-registration. This workshop attracted more than 100 radiologists and technologists. Many appreciated the ease of use of Neusoft Medical’s application tools. They were impressed with dual energy and cardiac. In order to give back to our regular customers, we also held a 10th anniversary celebration dinner. During the dinner, General Manager Romulo reviewed the tenth anniversary of the Peruvian subsidiary and expressed his gratitude to Peruvian customers for their support over the years. Several customers shared their successful stories with Neusoft Medical Peru. The first NeuViz 128 in Peru was installed in a public hospital in Piura. Dr Fernandez, director of the hospital, said that the equipment has been working well since its installation, especially during the epidemic. The 128 daily intake was very high and contributed to the local fight against the epidemic. Dr. Lara, one of Neusoft Medical's earliest customers in Colombia and South America, has several CT facilities and expressed his trust in Neusoft's equipment and services and his desire to maintain a long-term relationship with us. Dr Mamani, as a representative of young Peruvian imaging doctors, emphasized that Neusoft Medical Peru gave them the greatest support and assistance during their difficult start-up period. Neusoft acted as an investment advisor to their clients and designed the most suitable equipment investment plan for them.

In the future, we will continue to grow together with our local customers to make medical imaging services accessible, make diagnoses more accurate, and create a better healthy life for local people.