Neusoft Medical @RSNA 2021

Release time:2021.12.06
Neusoft Medical Systems attended RSNA 2021,which was held in McCormick Place,Chicago, IL USA from November 28  to December 2 . As the world's largest medical imaging forum, the RSNA conference presents a unique opportunity to shine a light on health care inequities to provide insights, research, and education on how to improve diversity and inclusivity in medical practice.

Neusoft Medical's booth@RSNA 2021
As an excellent value innovator of global healthcare services provider, with 41,000 installations in more than 110 countries, Neusoft Medical offers advanced medical imaging solutions and high-quality care to patients and healthcare providers around the world.Neusoft Medical displayed a series of new clinical products endowed with the value of "Intelligent Imaging" at the RSNA annual meeting.

Products released @RSNA2021

NeuViz 128CT


NeuMR 1.5T MRI
Today, Neusoft Medical is redefining radiology by providing 5G and AI-based medical imaging services with proven successful case. IMEXHS, an Australian-listed company, focuses on imaging diagnostic Cloud services, providing a variety of cloud service software with IMEXHS BOX. With strong compatibility, powerful functions and user-friendly interface, easy to use for doctors around the world.
At this RSNA, the world's most prestigious radiology conference, the two companies joined forces to create a new ecosystem of imaging products and business to upgrade the next generation of imaging diagnostic service models. The combination of traditional image diagnostics and cloud network services will double the value of customer services. With the world's imaging diagnostics technology increasingly relying on rapidly evolving network operations and network technologies, to change traditions and define new life, the two companies have the will and ability to work together to create new radiology models and redefine the meanings.

At RSNA2021,Neusoft Medical signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IMEXHS
At the same time ,Neusoft Medical's Global Imaging Talent Scheme was launched at 2021 RSNA.This program is to provide every aspiring young radiologists fit a couple of criteria with the first CT scanner start his journey for medical imaging diagnostic services. That is NeuVIZ ACE the cost-effective CT scanner from Neusoft Medical.
Neusoft Medical will continue the journey of development and innovation as its "to be an excellent value innovator of global healthcare services."