NeuViz 128 CT contributes to Thailand in curbing COVID-19

Release time:2021.07.07
Rajavithi hospital is the designated hospital for the treatment of COVID-19 in Bangkok directly under the Ministry of Health of Thailand. With 61 years of history and 1,200 beds, the hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment and professional medical team. It also serves as an international training center for ASEAN countries. Rajavithi hospital has an international referral authorization and can provide medical specialist services to patients sent from other countries.

At present, the NeuViz 128 CT installed in the hospital can generate high-resolution images in 24lp/cm with 0.4mm thickness for the subtle and typical characteristics of suspected COVID-19 patients. The scan time of a few seconds also provides a solution to breathing difficulties. Facing the epidemic, NMS will continue to provide high-quality anti-epidemic products and services to global users including Thailand, and strive to defeat COVID-19.