NeuVision 550M(Plus)
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NeuVision 550M(plus)have telescopic arm and non-telescopic arm which could meet different moving requirements of customers. Intelligent electric power and dual motor independent power supply system, which can make the needs with high flux of mobile radiography by the portable performance and long endurance. The application of the highest resolution of wireless flat panel detector pushes the mobile radiography into the WIFI times, and the smallest pixel size makes the pretty clear image information easy to be seen.

Technical Excellence:

  • High resolution wireless flat panel detector and comprehensive imaging coverage brings mobile DR into the era of wireless, high- definition imaging
  • The pioneering dual battery supply system simultaneously powers the exposure system and gantry
  • therefore ensuring continuity
  • The safe movement of your mobile DR investment is ensured by a collision protection and inductive damping system
User-friendly Design:
  • Technicians can move the device with a single hand thanks for our dual-motor design. Wireless remote control exposure handle; the operator can do exposure operation far from the room which ensures the safety
  • To meet the unique demands of customers, both trolley and scalable column formats are available
Networked Solution:
  • Integrates with RIS/HIS through fully automatic data exchange to streamline data input and support remote consultation for challenging cases


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