NeuEcho 15
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Innovative beam filter and noise reduction: SCI, FCI, Clear View+, Pulse inverse harmonic, TSI, THI

Add-value functions: Scan assistant, Online help, Neusoft Ultrasound Cloud (Optional), Multi-level Gel warmer (Optional)         

Wide selection of HS leading transducers: Single Crystal probe family, PZT probe family. 

Intelligent Micro blood flow image

Can intelligently collecting and processing blood flow signals. Obtain high sensitivity blood flow imaging, and display abundant blood flow information of micro vascular blood flow. 

Contrast Imaging

Needle Enhancement 
Improving accuracy and visibility of needle, reducing risk and targeting needle accurately.
Auto EF
Ejection Fraction is an important parameter for evaluating cardiac function. NeuEcho 15 can automatically and accurately measure, simplify operation of cardiac function assessment, and ensure accurate and reliable evaluation results

Auto NT

Stress Echo


With the help of quantitive Elastic imaging technology, Elastography function can reflect tissue hardness, make up for the shortcomings of conventional ultrasound, and display and locate lesions more vividly.

Clinical Images