NeuEcho 10Plus
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Product Information

  • 2nd generation of Exquisite Beam Platform. 
  • 21.5” HD medical monitor. 
  • 10.4” customized touch screen. 
  • iScan – one button image optimize automatically
  • High reliable and wide range HS transducers family (Made in Korea)
Clear View +
New generation of Clear View technology, reduce speckle noise, enhance tissue contrast resolution and obtain true and better image quality.

Anatomic M Mode

HighQ Doppler Flow

​HighQ Doppler Flow is an automatic Doppler real-time analysis technology, which can realize automatic, real-time Doppler spectrum tracing during measurement and analysis.


​Quantitative analysis of regional myocardial motion, identification of myocardial motion, assessment of the direction and phase of myocardial activity, and judgement of segmental wall motion abnormalities.

Intelligent Micro blood flow image

​Can intelligently collecting and processing blood flow signals. Obtain high sensitivity blood flow imaging, and display abundant blood flow information of micro vascular blood flow. 

Auto IMT

​Provides real-time, automatic and accurate measurement of intima media thickness, which ensures the consistency and reliability of the results.

Clinical Images
Left ventricular long axis
Color blood flow of heart
carotid plaque
lower limb vein
vertebral artery-PW