NeuWise PET/CT
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Main Parameters

  • Detector Crystal: LYSO
  • Temporal Resolution: 440ps
  • Spatial Resolution: 1.6mm
  • Gantry Aperture: 72cm
  • Number of CT Slices: 64
  • Axial FOV: 224mm(NeuWise Pro PET/CT)
  • Sensitivity: 33cps/KBq (NeuWise Pro PET/CT)
Wise-Source Free QC
  • Coincidence Time Calibration
Precise calculation of time delay compensation, and precise output of image information.
Wise-Reservation QC without Source
  • Really achieve daily QC without source, zero radiation, and intelligent care.
  • It is more flexible to use the function of reservation and quality control time is only one third of the conventional way.
Intelligent Wise-VC Panoramic Imaging
  • Digital chip equipped with Linux system, 2 million pixels, 1080P resolution HD camera.
  • Image distortion calibration algorithm, taking account of the speed and precision of imaging.
  • Intelligent image capture system, accurately identifies minor changes in the patient’s movement.
  • Wise-VC motion alert, synchronous warning, improve the efficiency and precision of image collection.
Intelligent Software, Optimized experience 
  • FreeWise
Intelligent reconstruction algorithm completely replaces external respiratory gated hardware, you can breathe freely.
Optimized breathing acquisition process to dramatically correct respiratory motion constructed defect.
  • Registration Assistant
Injection Management: For patient registration management, the system can intelligently calculate the tracer injection dose.
Resting Management: coordinating and managing multiple patients' resting time, automatically reminding, reducing artificial error.
Protocol Management: remotely select the protocol, easy to operate.
Equipment Monitoring: remotely monitor through mobile terminals to ensure normal operation of equipment.
  • S-MIP
View MIP images in real time during scanning, and know the status of reconstructed images in a shorter time.