NeuSight PET/CT
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Advanced design provides greater control
Humanizing experience

  • Ergonomics and clinical applications unite to create a comfortable scan for the patient with intuitive operation for the technologist
  • LED screen displays operating status in real time
  • 72 cm gantry increases patient comfort while reducing patient anxiety for a better scanning experience
  • A visualization navigation engine provides real-time information to guide the technologist through each study
Internally Self Shielded quality control Source
  • Abiding Time Distance and shielding ALARA rules Zero Human interaction requirement of any manual installation and commissioning for Daily QC
  • A compact integration of built-in quality control Source and self-shielding system, safe and pragmatic
  • Simplifying the quality control flow and make it effective and time-saving
  • Minimizing radiation exposure, which is of utmost important for healthcare professionals
Intelligent QC
  • Automatic detection and precise qualification
  • Single-button control, 5 minutes to complete quality control
  • Convenient operation, Omni-directional detectors to detect and ensure the equipment is in an optimum state
Optimum image fusion creates excellent clinical performance

High Sensitivity
  • The strongest photon stopping ability and background-free radiation crystal material
  • Thick crystal design with large effective detection area
  • Energy self-correction technology on crystal unit improves count rate consistency of all crystal units in the modules and system sensitivity
​High Resolution
  • Clear HONEY-COMB detection technology
  • The PET detector modules use a patented asymmetrical light guided core technology, improving event decoding precision and homogeneity of module signal sampling
  • IPIE position identification technology
  • Crystal position identification uses IPIE (lsopycne Position Identification Enhance) tosignificantly improve event positioning precision and image resolution

Core Technology matching provides more accurate information for diagnosis  PDR
  • Improve resolution for clear images down to the last detail
  • The WLS algorithm is recommended for error-free oncology examinations of the lungs
CT extended FOV
  • CT provides a 70cm transaxial view attenuation correction value for PET to getclearer images, which is not restricted by body size
  • Eliminate blurring due to cyclical movement. Use gating to generate 4D PET and CT images, matching each image to perform attenuation correction and fusion 

Focused on Patient Dose
Low radiation dose
  • Lower tube current and tube voltage is controlled based on actual exam requirements to create 
Low tracer dose
  • The high sensitivity acquisition system lowers the tracer dose received by the patient
Increased safety
  • Door interlock for X-ray generation and rod source output
  • Patient table controls with continuous movement ensures smooth adjustments

Clinical Images