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Value powered by AIM, NeuMR 1.5T is designed to offer friendly interactive experience and streamlined workflow while delivering robust and exquisite imaging to customers.

AIM platform is the engine of NeuMR 1.5T, which includes newly designed RF coils, table, cover and UI for better user experiences; ARM gradient coil for stable image quality.

NeuMR 1.5T provides comprehensive and quantitative applications, such as Total Neuro, Total Spine, BrainQuant, HDDWI&DTI, MRS, ASL, etc. The Neusoft AIM MRI is to expand your clinical capabilities.

AIM Platform for Streamlined workflow   
AIM coils:
RightConnect and EasyConnect
Integrated and combined imaging
High element density
Compatible with NeuSENSE
High tensile strength



Easy coil handling& fast patient positioning

AIM Platform for friendly interactive experience

Intuitive Designed UI for Friendly Use
  • Graphical posture for body position confirmation,
  • Graphical anatomy selection for easy protocol setting
  • Mosaic image preview for selected information viewing in advance
  • Shortcut of Data analysis tools for easy and fast operation
ARM GC for robust and accurate system performance
Direct water cooling with multi-point temperature control in each way design, plus variable frequency regulation of water flow can achieve real-time gradient coil temperature control. Working with PID regulation and eddy current compensation technique, delivers accurate and stable gradient waveform output, finally, image quality are robust and less distortion

Clinical Images
Total Neuro
Whole Body Oncology