NeuViz Prime CT
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NeuViz Prime is a revolutionary product of Neusoft CT family. Gantry rotating faster than ever before, spectral imaging is offered relying on leading-edge hardware and software reformations.

  • Uncompromised with heart rate: With 0.259s ultrafast rotation speed, NeuViz Prime never compromises with the high heart rate. Arrhythmia handling andCMC (Coronary Motion Artifact Clear) will also help to ensure successful coronary artery exam.

  • Ultra-HD imaging: Micro focus spot, Quad-Sampling technology work with iHD (isotropic High Definition) and 1024 matrix, the spatial resolution can reach 30 lp/cm 0%MTF.

  • Dual energy innovation: Spectral imaging adds tissue characterization to morphology, improves the value of radiological department.

  • Low dose design: Unique 60kV scanning provides clinical breakthroughs on low dose scanning. It’s significantly beneficial to pediatrics. ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm can reduce dose for patients of all ages.

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