NeuViz 64 In CT
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NeuViz 64 In transplants from high-end CT, share the core technologies with NeuViz 128. It brings more comfortable application experience. Higher quality images and lower dose to customers.

  • Confidently diagnosis all types of cardiac disease patients with our robust cardiac imaging capabilities.

  • Reduce scan time and improve throughput with Quad Sampling technology.

  • Acquire diagnostic quality images at low patient dose with O-Dose optimized hardware and ClearView iterative reconstruction.

  • Carefully crafted design features improve ergonomics for technicians.

  • A fresh scanner design offers a more pleasant patient experience.

Clinical Images
Aorta VR image
Bone Fracture
Cardiac Calcium Scoring
Cardiac Coronary Analysis
Cardiac VR Image
Lower Limb artery MIP Image
Vessel Analysis