NeuViz 16 Essence CT
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NeuViz 16 Essence is the aggregation of Neusoft years’ innovation, which is designed and developed on the forefront high-tech platform. It can give you high definition images at low dose, high-end CT technology made affordable.


  • 128-slice platform: Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in NeuViz 16 Essence

  • 32-row isometric detector design: 32-row submillimeter detector with 20mm coverage can realize fast scan and high quality images

  • 5.3MHU tube heat capacity: 5.3MHU tube with 50kW generator enable NeuViz 16 Essence to provide long service life and great profit for hospitals

  • Full-scale low dose solutions: Unique O-dose platform and advanced ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm, patient dose can be minimized without a compromise in diagnostic quality

  • Comprehensive clinical application: Integrate our full range of advanced clinical applications from our powerful workstation

Clinical Images
Essence Lower Limb
Head-Neck CTA
Inner Ear