NeuViz 128 CT
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Precision—41% spiral resolution increase,clear details provide the more precision truth.
  • Quad-sampling technology
  • iHD(isotropic High Definition) imaging enables High Spatial resolution:24 lp/cm 0%MTF
  • Micro-STAR detector
  • 1024 x1024 large matrix imaging
  • Comprehensive low dose design
  • ClearView, an advanced iterative reconstruction algorithm that adds diagnostic certainty to low dose imaging
  • Cloud CT——leading medical equipment into the Internet + era
​Sagacity— save time, save money, save space
  • One-click workflow, high efficiency
  • Long life-cycle high technology tube, more stable and safe
  • Low operation cost

Clinical Images
Head-Neck-Upper extremity CTA
Lower limb_100kV
Pulmonary Artery_VR