NeuThor Container CT
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Product Information

  • 1 Integrated design providing a turn-key solution where infrastructures and high labor cost could pose an obstruction or under emergency situations.
  •  Separate entrance design and 2 direction ventilation system protect medical personnel from cross-infection.
  • 3-Meter width design enabling various types of scanning including CT Angiography.
  • 4-Layer reinforcement materials protecting the CT scanner providing longevity and quality guarantee of NeuThor container CT.
  • 5mmPb X-Ray protection protects the technicians in the control room as well as people outside the control room.
  • 6 Customizable options to fit from 16-slice to 256-slice CT scanner to meet every requirement.
  • 7 4 Sterilamps provide aseptic environment while 3 cameras enable remote operation and remote admission of patients.