NeuAngio 33C/30C
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High Performance:

  • 7-axis dual rotational center ceiling mounted C-arm gantry makes it easy to cover the full body and project at any position.
  • Intelligent D-5 element AEC tube achieves real balance between radiation dose and image quality.
  • Full 16bit + 2K digital imaging chain, completing one-stop advanced processing flow of image acquisition, transmission and storage.
Intelligent Platform:
  • Innovative IDM Platform brings doctors a new clinical experience, clearer image quality, lower radiation dose and more efficient and convenient workflow.
Comprehensive application:
  • Advanced clinical solutions for neurology, cardiology, oncology, peripheral, and vessel surgery to meet the clinical needs of multi interventional departments.

Clinical Images
Cerebral Angiography
Right Coronary Angiography
Left Coronary Angiography
Hepatic Arteriography
Abdominal Aorta Angiography
Lower Extremity Arteriography
Dual Volume
Glorious Fusion
Glorious Dual Vessel