Intelligent Imaging Journey in the Middle East and North Africa

Release time:2023.02.25
As early as 2010, Neusoft Medical established a subsidiary in Dubai, setting up local and global service centers, logistics centers, and spare parts depots. This set up also included gradually forming localized teams  to cover sales, service, training, logistics, and marketing functions, with a staff localization rate of more than 90%, constantly telling the story of imaging technology benefiting the local community.

Hundreds of installations to help regional universal healthcare
For more than 10 years, Neusoft Medical's Dubai subsidiary has provided hundreds of large medical equipment for the Middle East and North Africa, serving more than 10 neighboring countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, and the UAE, benefiting millions of patients.
Whether it is cost-effective equipment or high-end CT, MRI, and PET/CT, Neusoft Medical has been recognized by regional medical institutions at all levels for its comprehensive imaging equipment solutions and after-sales services.

In Algeria, Clinic Al Azha, a specialized 3A private cardiology clinic, installed Neusoft Medical’s NeuViz Prime CT in 2020. During the epidemic, the system demonstrated its powerful scanning capabilities, performing over 100 routine exams daily and accommodating advanced exams such as cardiac exams, whole-body scans, and vascular lower extremities. This earned high praise from clinic director Dr. Mekhilef.

In Morocco, Neuroclinique de Casablanca Clinic uses Neusoft Medical's MRI equipment. Amid several rounds of epidemics that caused great inconvenience to business travel and international logistics, Neusoft Medical's overseas clinical training experts overcame many difficulties and ensured timely training services with a serious and responsible professional attitude.
Create a win-win situation with local partners
At the beginning of last year, Neusoft Medical and business partners in Africa jointly launched the program of establishing a nuclear medicine scan service for Africa, initially deploying 20 PET/CT units in the core areas of the African continent.

"This system has enabled us to expand the segments that will benefit from this technology, which was considered as a scientific revolution in the medical diagnosis and tumors diagnoses field," said Dr. Tarek Moharram, CEO of Elevate Healthcare, at the grand opening ceremony of NeuSight PET/CT in Cairo, Egypt. "It's an essential checkup to discover early tumors. Providing checkups for more Egyptian and African patients provides a more in-depth communication with local doctors."

Youssef Akram, our partner in Egypt, also said, "Our group has been representing Neusoft Medical Systems for more than 10 years now. We have successfully installed dozens of CT, MRI, and PET/CT devices and witnessed Neusoft Medical grow step by step into an international company through rapid technological innovation and service capability improvement. In the future, we hope to continue our close cooperation with Neusoft Medical."
Adhere to long-term and help cultivate talents
Over the years, Neusoft Medical has always adhered to the "long-term" approach to win-win overseas. We have not only hosted the "International Training Course on Digital Medical Imaging Equipment" hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, but also helped train thousands of imaging technicians in the Middle East and North Africa through the training activities organized by our Dubai subsidiary every year.
According to the distribution of models in each market and the actual clinical situation in the region, Neusoft Medical has developed professional skills training programs combining practical operation and theoretical learning of products to help users realize the deep integration of equipment and clinical applications.
The dozens of service training sessions for regional engineers have greatly enhanced the ability of local professionals to provide efficient services to customers. After attending the training, the Lebanese engineer said, "Through the professional and detailed training courses, I have comprehensively mastered the technical characteristics of various types of Neusoft Medical equipment and effectively improved my terminal service skills to provide more high-quality and efficient maintenance services for customers."

Rooted in the Middle East and North Africa, serving this area. Neusoft Medical will continue cultivating international markets such as the Middle East and North Africa to empower global healthcare with more intelligent imaging solutions and services.