Greeting the new year with a good start, Neusoft Medical has won multiple orders at Arab Health

Release time:2023.02.25
As an "old friend" of the exhibition, Neusoft Medical presented for the 18th time with its innovative achievements in digital intelligence and won many purchase orders for high-end CT, PET/CT, mammography, and DR which was a "good start" for the overseas market. Behind the bright results, Neusoft Medical has been rooted in the Middle East and Africa for more than 10 years and continues to promote high-end products and localized services.

In the post-epidemic era, countries in the Middle East and Africa are accelerating the construction of public health facilities and improving the quality of healthcare services. At this year's exhibition, tens of thousands of healthcare professionals are exploring higher-quality healthcare solutions around the theme of "Innovation and Sustainability in Healthcare."

Facing the escalating customer demands, Neusoft Medical has changed in response to the needs and accelerated the high-end products sold to the Middle East and Africa. The NeuViz Epoch CT, NeuMR Rena, NeuAngio 30C DSA, NeuWise PET/CT, and other high-end medical imaging equipment presented at the exhibition have been frequently praised by industry experts and users for their outstanding performance and application value. 

"Their product, the quality, and the specifications are high-end. In the coming years, we hope to have a great installed base in Kuwait with Neusoft Medical," said Sindhuri Ranjith, our Kuwait partner.
Our Saudi Arabian partner, Wasim Almahassneh, said "We chose Neusoft Medical because we saw the value in their products and high technologies that Neusoft Medical offers."
Dan Zhang, Vice president and GM of the International Business Division, commented, "Neusoft Medical is proud to be a pioneer in transferring great ideas into the product of solutions. Benefit to all patients and healthcare professionals.”