Release time:2022.10.08
In December 2019, Neusoft Medical Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (now referred to as NMS Thailand) was established in Bangkok. The NMS Thailand team has evolved to covers sale, service, and training after two years of development. Due to the epidemic, we held a grand inauguration celebration on September 2nd this year. Our local customers and business partners attended the grand opening.

Thailand is known to promote wellness and good health. In the 1970s, a sustained political commitment to the population's health led to significant investments in health infrastructure. Focus on, primary health care, district and provincial referral hospitals, as well as improvements to the health system as a whole. In 2002, Thailand launched its universal health insurance program, bringing health coverage to all citizens. The healthcare market has three main segments: medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and medical services. Consequently, there is a need for equipment in cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, and spinal surgery departments. This supports services for locals and foreigners. With a constantly growing basic universal healthcare system and an aging population, sales opportunities in the country continue to grow.
With this in mind, Neusoft Medical has roots in Thailand to help Thai people access better healthcare. Neusoft Medical has opened a local subsidiary to meet the area’s needs. The subsidiary will use its strengths to drive the business in Thailand to include independent imaging centers. This will promote business excellence. We will leverage our diversified cooperation model with local partners.

Neusoft Medical's international footprint has been extended with the establishment of the NMS Thailand. Neusoft Medical's globalization journey started with its first exports to Europe in 2000 and continuing today with sales to more than 110 countries and regions. In the future, Neusoft Medical will undoubtedly expand in more places, providing safer, faster, and more accessible medical devices and a better quality of life.