“NeuThor Container CT is an incredible solution for us in combating the COVID-19 pandemic”

Release time:2021.07.07
Following the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health in Ecuador urgently purchased four NeuThor Container CT to help local-epidemic control.  One of the hospitals wasted no time in putting in use the container CT for assisting detection of COVID-19.

The hospital is located in the Manabí region, Ecuador. It is currently the largest public hospital in the country and serves the inhabitants of Portoviejo and the provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabí.

We spoke with Dr. Julio Alcivar Zambrano, director of medical care of the hospital about his experience of using NeuThor Container CT in fighting the pandemic. “It is an incredible solution for us in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The easy workflow makes it convenient for technicians to operate, and provides us with high definition clinical images”,he mentioned, “Compared with ordinary CT, NeuThor Container’s unique design makes it possible to avoid air-borne infection between doctors and patients. Doctors can perform in a sterilization area to prevent themselves from being contaminated. Another is that it is a mobile system, when we return to the field where our hospital is, we can move it directly to our hospital without any problem.”