2020 MST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Training Program

Release time:2020.10.13
The annual training program sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), the People’s Republic of China, hosted by Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd., brought a successful close on September 18th.

This year will be the 11th anniversary that we have been running this program continuously. Hundred students from Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Dominica, Kenya, Myanmar, Algeria, Nepal and other countries have received training and obtained a training certificate certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Neusoft Medical undertook this two-week international medical imaging training course in the form of online teaching and training. During the training, students had a close view on how the medical imaging products are designed, manufactured in the factory and how they serve the patients in the hospitals and practically saving the doctors’ time with the user-friendly AI software.

Besides, this program can help them quickly master advanced, standardized, and practical diagnostic skills, solve the practical difficulties they are facing such as weak diagnostic technology, high costs, and lack of professionals, and fundamentally improve the local medical level and to meet the needs of local people for high-end medical and health services.