Caring for you by staying with you

Release time:2020.05.19
Salute to the Healthcare Soldiers  
Amidst the panic and mayhem caused by the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals around the world are confronted with unprecedented challenges. They are the real soldiers today. 
At Neusoft Medical Systems, we care for you by staying with you during this extraordinary time.
After the outbreak of the epidemic, the headquarter tries its best to overcome the lag in procurement and transportation, and delivers more than 400 units of medical imaging equipment to global customers. After arriving the equipment, Neusoft Medical gives full play to the integration advantages of its globalization layout, seamlessly linking up the transportation, installation and training to support local customers fighting against the epidemic.
At the same time, all subsidiaries stand together with local customers on the front line. Local engineers work closely with each customer to ensure the stable operation of their system. Training specialists make every effort to help operators use system with full potential.
Together with hundreds of healthcare providers worldwide providing thousands of timely diagnosis, alongside our frontline heroes, we fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.