3.86 million USD donation from Neusoft Medical for winning the war against the novel coronavirus

Release time:2020.03.12
It has been two months since the massive war against the coronavirus started, as one of the main medical imaging solution provider in the world, Neusoft Medical has never stopped providing creative and innovative medical solution and service to beaten this global demon.
On January 23rd, Luna New Year’s Eve, an imperative order hit Neusoft Medical from the Sixth People’s Hospital of Dalian, which received the first confirmed case of pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, in Liaoning Province. Neusoft Medical simplified the order process significantly and managed to respond with fast deployment for this case, with uncreditable delivery time in 3 hours. Meanwhile, 4 engineers from Neusoft Medical “SWAT“ worked synergistically and accomplished this CT installation mission in less than 18 hours.

Neusoft Medical’s engineers were ready for installation in the Sixth People’s Hospital of Dalian
To help frontline medical staff combating the coronavirus, Neusoft Medical donated a NeuViz 128 CT scanner with cutting edge technology and innovation from Neusoft Medical, such as AI medical imaging cloud platform and remote advanced post-processing software in Leishenshan Hospital (built in 10 days with capacity of 1500 beds, now is the largest hospital in China for receiving coronavirus patients ) and a NeuViz Prime CT scanner with AI medical imaging cloud platform and remote advanced post-processing software in Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China, which raise the total donation value reaching 3.86 million USD.

3 Neusoft Medical engineers and local construction workers began to install the NeuViz 128 CT scanner as soon as it arrived at Leishenshan Hospital. This installation was an unprecedented challenge, Leishenshan hospital was under construction, not to speak of other difficulties, such as protection of radiation, heavy current and weak current installation, ventilation system installation, decoration of scanning room, illuminating system installation and etc. Normally, the installation itself takes 7 working days. To race against time, our engineers worked with full load in accomplishing this mission impossible in just 2 days. This fast move successfully equipped this hospital join the battle against the outbreak with more power.

NeuViz 128 CT installation in Leishenshan Hospital

NeuViz 128 CT installation in Leishenshan Hospital 
At the same time, to provide more efficient and accurate CT diagnosis during the war against the coronavirus, Neusoft Medical has developed a turn-key solution for CT radiology, NeuThor container CT.  Once onsite, it is immediately ready to scan as soon as plugged in. With two separate entrances for technicians and patients, NeuThor CT reduces the risk of cross-infection. Configured with ultraviolet sterilamps, which can effectively destroy the DNA and RNA of viruses, achieving disinfection between patient procedures. The studies can be transmitted with 5G real-time connectivity, doctors can obtain image information for efficient and remote diagnosis.

NeuThor container CT 
Neusoft Medical also deployed its AI imaging examination system, Golden Eyes AI,which can automatically tag suspicious lesion area in CT images and conduct quantitative processing for greatly improving efficiency and reducing receiving pressure of hospitals.

The cloud-based version of Golden Eyes AI is deployed on Neusoft Medical imaging cloud platform-NeuMiva, which equipped with a variety of tools for novel coronavirus disease, has helped 53 hospitals with automated screening of hundreds of cases. NeuMiva has 2,061 hospital and doctor users, provided 44,778 services to the hospital during the outbreak, and helped doctors find 556 confirmed and suspected patients with novel coronavirus disease.

Golden Eyes AI
So far, Neusoft Medical has delivered more than 150 medical equipment to over 140 hospitals in China, covering 25 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Hubei, Henan, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia,Beijing and Liaoning.
Mobile CT in Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University

Container CT in Beijing ChaoYang Hospital

Container CT in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University
Neusoft Medical is living our mission “Creating value for medical institutions and enhancing global healthcare to all”, Neusoft Medical will continue devoting our efforts in providing imaging solutions for the frontline medical staff to achieve victory on the war against this epidemic.

Golden Eyes AI is not commercially available yet. Due to regulatory reasons the availability cannot be guaranteed.