Neusoft Medical showcases new innovations at RSNA 2019

Release time:2020.01.06
RSNA 2019 marked Neusoft Medical’s 20th year as an exhibitor. Neusoft Medical’s diagnostic imaging solutions provide maximum value enabling healthcare providers to provide better care to their patients.  Neusoft Medical keeps exploring new innovations to meet the radiology challenges today and tomorrow. New products introduced at RSNA 2019 take Neusoft Medical "Beyond Imaging".

Neusoft Medical Systems is excited to introduce the NeuViz Epoch*, a 512-slice CT scanner, incorporating breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology. Organ specific “AI” algorithms identify the anatomy for precision scanning. With “AI”, exams are optimized based upon the specific patient’s anatomy. Combining “AI” technology with Iterative Reconstruction (“IR”) software and 60kV scans further reduces patient dose. The result is consistent clinical outcomes. The newly designed 16cm detector covers the entire heart, minimizing the need to move the table. Cardiac scanning with just one-beat, utilizing ultra-fast 0.259s rotation with a temporal resolution of 25ms. Brain and body perfusion exams also cover the entire anatomy – ensuring complete coverage, table toggling technology enables coverage for the most challenging exams.

Value powered by AIM, NeuMR 1.5T* is designed to offer friendly interactive experience and streamlined workflow while delivering robust and exquisite imaging to customers. AIM platform is the engine of NeuMR 1.5T, which includes newly designed RF coils, table, cover and UI for better user experience, ARM gradient coil for stable image quality. NeuMR 1.5T provides comprehensive and quantitative applications, such as total neuro, large-scale DIXON, BrainQuant, HDDWI&DTI, MRS, ASL, etc. Neusoft AIM MRI expands your clinical capabilities.

NeuAngio 30C* is the world’s first rail-less, ceiling-mounted angiography with a unique 7 axis, robotic design enabling more space and flexibility, achieving 2.3m patient coverage and real time 2k imaging. NeuAngio 30C achieves better image quality with less x-ray dose.

NeuWise PET/CT* delivers Intelligent Imaging with 360 panoramic imaging. Intelligent Breath automatically acquires interactive information, optimizing the collection process and correcting respiratory motion artifacts. Intelligent QC with no radioactive source, zero radiation and intelligent optimization. NeuWise PET/CT delivers better patient care.

Powered with all new NeuEcho platform, creative smart filfer and revolutionary coded pulse transmit, ultrasound of NeuEcho* series will fulfill your all-purpose clinical diagnosis and be scalable to your needs.  

MDaaS* (Medical Devices & Data as a Service)is an emerging strategic product line of Neusoft Medical, focusing on AI, medical cloud and clinical solutions. The purpose is to help hospitals and medical institutions improve diagnosis and treatment capabilities and achieve excellent operation.

Neusoft Medical is a global clinical diagnosis and treatment solution provider. Our headquarter is located in China, with subsidiaries in United States, Dubai, Peru, Russia, Brazil, Kenya, Vietnam and Germany. Neusoft Medical Systems is dedicated to becoming an excellent value innovator of global healthcare services. Through innovation and excellent operations, Neusoft Medical Systems is advancing healthcare products across a wide range of medical solutions and services to enhance global healthcare to all.

*not available in the USA