NeuViz 128 CT in Family Hospital

Release time:2019.04.22

Family General Hospital was established on the foundation of the Family Doctor Center. After more than 5 years of persistent operation and continuous development, now FAMILY has become a General Hospital with 250 beds applying electronic medical records management method to closely monitor the treatment of each patient.

Family General Hospital focuses on diagnose and control the coronary disease, which is one of the most common and difficult to control among heart diseases. Neusoft provided NeuViz 128 CT which increased value by reducing operating costs and improving work flow through the intelligent use of advanced clinical technology.

NeuViz 128 provides the spatial resolution necessary to perform lung nodule, inner ear studies and excellent cardiac applications. In the outstanding features of NeuViz 128, it is impossible not to mention its role in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

After a while using Neusoft products, doctors and technicians have some evaluations: First of all, Neusoft products have intelligent designs and various clinical applications with low dose and easy to use. Secondly, the product price is reasonable and friendly with investors. Thirdly, the service after sales is good with fully online supported and good warranty services.