Mobile CT Released

Release time:2019.04.08

On China Med 2019, Neusoft Medical released the Mobile CT based on 5G technology.

The Mobile CT is mainly composed of CT inspection system, air suspension platform, radiation protection cargo, intelligent imaging cloud system, and 5G communication module, and is also equipped with automatic systems of power supply, air conditioning, balance, lifting and the like. So to speak, it is a mobile “CT diagnosis room of a first-class hospital”. In addition, this product can also carry medical equipment such as ECG monitors and defibrillators, forming a customized mobile treatment unit.

Regarding the application of this product, there are three typical medical service scenes, namely high-end medical equipment being available for grassroots, pre-hospital care of stroke, and all-weather medical services in battlefields and disaster-relief places. For radiation safety issues that many people are concerned about, the Mobile CT provides an excellent solution from both low-dose imaging and vehicle protection.