19th participation in RSNA of Neusoft Medical Systems

Release time:2018.11.27

2018 is a historic year for Neusoft Medical Systems, which marks the 20th anniversary. This year is its 19th participation in RSNA. It comes with latest products, which is Powerful and Proven.

Booth of Neusoft Medical Systems attracted a lot of people. The equipment, endowed with powerful functions and profound stability and consistency, and showcased at Neusoft’s booth, attracted a lot of attention. They can be utilized to increase patient care accessibility and reduce cost.

Neusoft employees from different countries made detailed introduction of newly released products to partners and customers.

Neusoft’s booth @RSNA 2018

As Chairman & CEO of Neusoft Corporation and Chairman of Neusoft Medical Systems, Dr. Liu Jiren made a speech. He mainly introduced the healthcare ecosystem powered by Neusoft. He also shared what the driving force towards tomorrow’s radiology is: AI-based clinical diagnosis and therapy total solutions.

Dr. Liu’s Speech @RSNA 2018

As CEO of Neusoft Medical Systems, Mr. Patrick Wu made a speech. First of all, Mr. Patrick expressed thanks to partners and customers across the globe. Over the last two decades they have proved Neusoft’s excellence in caring for people’s wellness across the world.

Then Mr. Patrick made a brief introduction of Neusoft’s Powerful and Proven solutions.

In the end, Mr. Patrick invited his team to communicate with partners and customers how these Powerful and Proven solutions can be utilized to increase patient care accessibility and reduce cost, and how Neusoft today’s radiology can create and even maximize value for care providers and patients tomorrow.

Mr. Patrick’s Speech @RSNA 2018

Neusoft released new technology in all areas of diagnostic imaging @RSNA 2018. AI is not only a buzz word, it’s a reality for Neusoft.

Neusoft has made great progress in AI field.

On one hand, Neusoft’s AI (NeuAI) has received attention and recognition in the academic circle, and on the other hand, it has been implemented in Neusoft’s newly released products, including NeuViz Glory CT (*510k pending), NeuMR 1.5T (*510k pending), NeuAngio 30C DSA (*510k pending), NeuWise PET/CT (*510k pending) and Mobile CT Unit.

New products released @RSNA 2018

NeuViz Glory CT

NeuMR 1.5T

NeuAngio 30C DSA

NeuWise PET/CT

Mobile CT Unit