New training center set up in Kenya

Release time:2018.10.22

Sept. 22-24, the 2nd Neusoft Medical African Partner Training Program was launched in Nairobi, Kenya. Neusoft Medical System also announced the opening of it’s latest training center based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The new training center further demonstrates Neusoft’s commitment to the African market. Neusoft established a Kenya subsidiary in 2016, as well as 4 other service centers located in Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Information is power. The Nairobi Training Center will be the base that transfers medical imaging knowledge to Neusoft distributors and customers in Africa, enabling customers to learn of the Power of Neusoft.

Mr. Dan Zhang, the vice president of Neusoft Medical Systems, presented the Powerful & Proven solutions Neusoft is delivering around the world and more importantly to Africa. Mr. Richard Ngatia, the CEO and Mr. Renne Lupalo, the GM of Neusoft’s distributor and partner welcomed everyone including distinguished guests: Mr. Morang'a Morekwa (Chairman of MESIC/CT project) from MOH of Kenya government and Mr. Izaq Okoth Odongo, head of curative department.

2nd Neusoft Medical African Partners Training Program

Kenya is among the first countries in Africa to offer CT to patients of public health facilities. Neusoft is making healthcare affordable.

The new Training Center will improve customer satisfaction by enabling Neusoft to respond more efficiently and effectively for any training and service maintenance needs of Africa.

Mr. Richard Ngatia shared that the new training center already has an expansion plan. Blueprints are being finalized to add a NeuViz 64 scanner to further enhance Neusoft’s training capabilities.

21 Neusoft distributors from 10 countries in Africa ranging from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Africa, and Cote d’Ivoire learned the latest technology of Neusoft Medical System’s diagnostic imaging, including CT, MRI, DR and PET/CT.

Partnering with distributors for mutual growth

After a three-day power packed filled training, attendees were thrilled to have earned their certificate presented by Mr. Richard Ngatia, and Shamir, the general manager Neusoft Africa.

With 20 years experience, Mr. Richard emotionally encouraged all attendees to continue their healthcare career with modern knowledge and technology to serve the African people.

Kenya is the leading African country by striving to improve healthcare for its population, CT is just the beginning.