Neusoft Medical provided latest innovation to the South of Peru

Release time:2018.09.28

September 13-15, Neusoft Medical Peru participated in the International Convention on Health Products and Allied Sciences (TECNOSALUD) 2018. This event was held in the city of Arequipa, the capital of mining business in Peru, which is considered the most important city after Lima, the capital of Peru.

TECNOSALUD is the most specialized event in the field of medicine and health in Peru. This year, there were more than 200 medical companies around the world (Peru, China, India, France, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) presenting medical equipment and medical materials and more than 20,000 visitors came.

We were invited by Chamber of Commerce of Lima to give local doctors a presentation of Neusoft and our latest innovations. They showed great interests to our CT and consulted about the equipment maintenance. As one of the leaders of medical imaging equipment, Neusoft Medical Systems has served for people of South America for more than 16 years, until now Neusoft has direct subsidiaries with sales, service, training and marketing professionals in Lima, Peru and Sao Paulo, Brazil.