20th Anniversary Celebration of Neusoft Medical Systems

Release time:2018.08.13
On August 11, Neusoft Medical’s 20th Anniversary Celebration was held in Shenyang, China. Many leaders and guests from home and abroad attended the event.
“We have a simple wish, that is, the most basic hospitals in China can afford high-end, large-scale medical equipment, so that ordinary Chinese people can benefit from advanced medical technology. In addition, it can be exported to other countries to benefit local people,” said Neusoft Medical President, Mr. Genmiao Jiang, who recalled the first CT research and development process during the event.
In 1998, Neusoft Medical launched China's first full-body CT. In the following 20 years, it developed and manufactured China's first spiral CT, DR, 3D color ultrasound, ultra-high-frequency bedside X-ray machine, double-layer spiral CT, 16-layer spiral CT, superconducting magnetic resonance, 64-slice spiral CT, and 128-slice spiral CT.
In 2018, Neusoft Medical, whose global installed base has reached more than 30,000 units, is serving more than 9,000 medical institutions in more than 110 countries, and developing win-win cooperation with more than 50 countries along the “Belt and Road”.
20 Years of Commitment and Care
"20 years of Neusoft Medical’s development has won praise at home and abroad. Innovation is the core spirit of Neusoft Medical, and I am confident that Neusoft Medical will continue to accomplish more achievements. It will provide strong support for people in China and around the world to enjoy higher quality health services,” said Tanzanian Ambassador to China, Mr. Mbelwa Kairuk, at the 20th anniversary celebration.
Nearly 100 partners, users, and political leaders from more than 30 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East also praised Neusoft Medical!
 A Provider of Comprehensive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging Solutions
“Neusoft Medical will develop from an imaging equipment provider to a provider of comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions based on imaging equipment,” said Neusoft Medical CEO, Mr. Patrick Wu, at the 20th anniversary celebration, who revealed the plan of Neusoft Medical for the next 20 years.
In the future, Neusoft Medical will focus on creating high-end technology, diversified products, intelligent equipment, specialized medical treatment, global expansion, patient centered healthcare, and high-speed growth, fostering competitive talent, and building an entrepreneurial culture. It will become a listed global company, a provider of medical solutions, and a good choice for employee’s career.
Value Creator for the Hospital
“Our most important goal in the future is to create value for hospitals. We will focus on information technology, and implementation of health management platforms for urban primary health care, information systems excellence for hospitals, medical big data and artificial intelligence, digital medical equipment, health and medical technology education, and medical insurance to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem,” said Neusoft Corporation Chairman and CEO, Dr. Jiren Liu.
New Products’ Launch
At the celebration, Neusoft Medical held a launch ceremony for the NeuViz Glory CT & NeuAngio 30C DSA. “NeuViz Glory demonstrates a qualitative leap in image quality and application functionality,” said Director of Radiology, Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, NeuViz Glory CT Clinical Verification Unit, Prof. Baoying Zhao.
“NeuAngio 30C DSA maximizes the utilization of operating room space, and achieves the balance between image quality and radiation dose,” said Director of Neurosurgery, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, NeuAngio 30C DSA Clinical Verification Unit, Prof. Donghai Wang.
NeuViz Glory CT : high-end CT connected with doctors' wisdom
NeuAngio 30C DSA : suspended seven-axis intelligent DSA