Foreign and Chinese Media’s Visit

Release time:2018.08.06
On July 16, journalists from seven countries including the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan and India gathered in Shenyang with some domestic mainstream media and websites.
In the Neusoft Medical Factory in the Shenyang Area of ​​the Liaoning Free Trade Zone, Chinese and foreign media reporters visited the corporate exhibition hall. They learned that as a pioneer of digital medical imaging in China, Neusoft Medical successfully developed CT, MR, XR, US, IVD, RT, PET/CT and Medical Imaging Cloud.
A reporter from the Pakistan Daily Mail, expressed shock at the achievements made by Neusoft in the past ten years. She did not expect China to have such a good enterprise before this visit. "Neusoft is a company worthy of admiration. It is not like some enterprises who imitate and copy technologies and products from developed countries such as Germany and the United States. Neusoft is self-reliant, mastering its own technology and developing its own products. It is really good.”