NeuViz 128 CT in Vietnam

Release time:2018.06.28
On May 25, Neusoft Medical System’s NeuViz 128 CT was officially available for clinical use after completing applications training for imaging technologists from Family Hospital.  The NeuViz 128 CT is improving the hospital’s diagnostic imaging medical service line as well as the hospitals national ranking by providing complete lower limb blood vessels scanning and cardiac coronary enhancement scanning.

Family Hospital Imaging Division has acquired three Neusoft diagnostic imaging systems: Superstar 0.35T MR, NeuViz 16 Classic CT and NeuViz 128 CT. It is clear that Neusoft has earned the trust and confidence of Family Hospital through Neusoft’s Powerful & Proven technology of excellent image quality and after-sales service. As an important private pilot hospital in the central Vietnam, Family Hospital has established a strategic partnership with Neusoft Medical. The next collaboration will be in Medical Imaging Cloud and Telemedicine.