Intelligently Manufactured Chinese Product Lands South American High-end Medical Equipment Market

Release time:2018.04.10

Clear image, quick scanning and simple operation, the medical imaging equipment intelligently manufactured in China is exhibiting its distinct features!

Recently, Hospital de la Amistad Peru Corea Santa Rosa II located in the north of Peru imported such a set of high-end medical equipment from China' Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. -- 128-slice spiral CT (computed tomography).

This 128-slice spiral CT, as a product developed independently by China as the owner of all proprietary intellectual property rights in it, is of computed tomography equipment, which can find focuses and diagnose diseases by scanning the body comprehensively. On 4th this month, a start-up ceremony was held for the equipment by Hospital de la Amistad Peru Corea Santa Rosa II.

Región Piura governor Reynaldo Hilbeck said on the ceremony that the import of this 128-slice spiral CT can help resolve the problem of laggard equipment used in the hospital, also add new meaning to Peru-China cooperation in economy and trade. He hoped such pragmatic cooperation could be enhanced and expanded and benefit the people of both countries.

Hospital de la Amistad Peru Corea Santa Rosa II was listed by the Peru's Ministry of Health in 2017 as "a Program for Continuous Improvement and Enhancement of Medical and Health Care Service Levels". In the face of the problem that it was difficult to provide accurate images for patients in the city of Piura and its surrounding regions when they were receiving medical image scanning, the country's Ministry of Health decided to purchase a set of high-end medical scanning equipment for this hospital by means of bid invitation.

The bid attracted the attention of medical imaging equipment providers worldwide, and among the competitors were GE Electric from the US, Toshiba from Japan and Neusoft Medical Systems from China. At last, Neusoft Medical Systems was awarded the bid on December 12 after 4-round contests.

"This is a transparent and fair competition, and the board of review gave a strict comprehensive appraisal, at last, this company from China won the bid depending on its technologies and prices." said Hospital de la Amistad Peru Corea Santa Rosa II president José Hernández to the journalist. 

Denial Velascos, head of Radiology Department of the hospital, said that this 128-slice spiral CT, once put into use, will improve their examination capability from 30 persons to 150 persons each day, which will be a significant rise in the level to serve the patients.

Neusoft Medical Systems business director in South America – Liu Baian said that 128-slice spiral CT is one of high-end equipment recognized worldwide by the medical imaging equipment industry, and the whole South African market has been monopolized by European and US enterprises before. The success of China's intelligent products on South American high-end medical equipment market is attributed to more than 10 years of painstaking efforts of Neusoft Medical Systems on the South American market.

For Neusoft Medical Systems, it is not easy to enter and find a foothold on the South American market to compete with world-leading medical enterprises from the US, France, Germany and Japan, etc.

Ten years ago, Neusoft Medical Systems decided to expand its business to the South American market by basing on Peru and radiating towards surrounding countries. Liu Baian said that Neusoft Medical Systems has been facing two obstacles before entering the South American market: first, the high-end medical equipment market in South America has been monopolized by developed European and US countries and local manufacturers; second, strict registration for imports and complex formalities are required by local countries.

To build a brand with its independently innovative products, good faith and service quality is the key for Neusoft Medical Systems to land the South American market.

Liu Baian said that Neusoft Medical Systems has been attaching importance to the R&D of proprietary intellectual properties, which allow it to extend continuously to high-end markets through continued innovation to fill domestic gaps and break down international monopolization. After landing the South American market, China's high-end medical equipment has been accepted and recognized gradually by the local medical system, and its market space is becoming broader and broader.

In addition to selling its products, Neusoft Medical Systems has also established a set of after-sale service system that is closer to users while expanding the South American market. The Company not only offers quick and effective technical support, but trains local CT operators, invites imaging department doctors from local hospitals to China for visit and training to accumulate clinical experience.

Aiming at the South American market, Neusoft Medical Systems has specially set up a Spanish website, and built up exchange platforms on Facebook and other social media to establish user forums, through which all South American users of Neusoft Medical Systems’ products can have a dialog. In the past two years, the Company also held two medical imaging competitions in South America and invited South American users to exhibit some special cases for mutual discussion and exchange.

Since the first CT landed the Argentinean and Peruvian markets simultaneously in 2004, Neusoft Medical Systems has sold its products to 17 countries and area across South America and received high praise.
Liu Baian said that Neusoft Medical Systems landed the South American market not only for selling its products, but hoping to build a Chinese brand through expanding its overseas markets, so that more countries could have an understanding of and accept high-end medical products "intelligently manufactured by China".

Zhang Liang, a Neusoft Medical Systems subsidiary manager in Peru, said that in the bid invited by Hospital de la Amistad Peru Corea Santa Rosa II, the price offered by Neusoft Medical Systems for its 128-slice spiral CT was not low, but in the opinion of the review board after a comprehensive data appraisal, China's product was reliable in respect of hardware parameters, especially some importance parameters, which were superior to what were offered by other competitors, so Neusoft Medical Systems won the bid at last.

The amazing rise of Neusoft Medical Systems has broken down the monopolization of European countries, the US and Japan for the high-end medical equipment market, exhibiting the power of "China's intelligent manufacturing" behind products. In the future, Neusoft Medical Systems will expand new space in South America through further enhancing its capability in R&D and innovation.