Major Event︱An "East Wind" of Technology from China is Sweeping the South Bank of Persian Gulf

Release time:2018.01.31

Arab Health (Dubai), as an international exhibition for professional medical equipment boasting its largest exhibiting scale in the Middle East, gathers hospital managers from Middle East countries and medical equipment providers from across the world every year.
During the top-of-the-world expo for medical equipment held on January 29, Neusoft Medical, a national medical brand from China, came for exhibition as expected carrying a series of its large-sized high-end medical equipment, and for the first time exhibited its new products NeuViz Prime CT and NeuCare Mammo DR etc. in the area of the Middle East. The exhibition, as the first major expo for medical equipment in the new year, also gathered a number of global brands.
▲  Neusoft Medical's booth at 2018 Arab Health
Neusoft Medical not only brought to the expo its MRI, NeuSight PET/CT and image cloud products, but exhibited its NeuViz Prime CT and brand-new digital mammary gland diagnosis equipment NeuCare Mammo DR HD, exhibiting fully its charm of innovation and "intellectual" manufacturing as the leader of medical technology, and receiving frequent likes.
▲  Neusoft Medical's booth at 2018 Arab Health
NeuViz Prime CT
The NeuViz Prime CT on exhibition integrates speedy acquisition, accurate energy spectrum, super-clear image and human care into one, realizing the goal of finding more, analyzing more and diagnosing more by using an extreme low dose. At present, the product has passed the FDA and CE certifications.

▲  Neusoft Medical's NeuViz Prime CT on exhibition
Speedy acquisition allows the realization of high-efficiency diagnosis and treatment  Super-clear imaging contributes to accurate medical care Low-dose imaging highlights human care  
NeuCare Mammo DR HD
The NeuCare Mammo DR HD on exhibition at the expo is a low-dose digital mammary gland diagnosis device rolled out by Neusoft Medical in consideration of the development trend and direction of artificial intelligence.
▲  Neusoft Medical' NeuCare Mammo DR HD on exhibition
Insisting on "less is more" as its outline design principle, NeuCare Mammo DR HD has a simple outline; the innovated mortise-tenon structure as outer cover allows for the equipment's super-high pressure bearing capacity and stability as a whole.
What is particularly worth noticing is that this digital mammary gland diagnosis device adopts the S.I.G (super-intelligent grid) technology, which is a patented technology freshly emerged in this trade. Relying on the multi-scale scattering nuclear method, the device ensures an accurate correction to image scattering, and under the same image quality, the radiation dose drops by 30-50%. Meanwhile, as the only mammary gland diagnosis CAD for which China owns the independent intellectual property right, NeuCare Mammo DR HD can carry out an all-round examination for all focuses, standard measurements for shapes and colors, and intelligent auxiliary diagnosis just by one click. In addition, the adoption of professional-level S.E.P (Senior Equilibrium Processing), S.I.C (Sensible Intelligent Compression) and S.O.E (Syncretized optimization and Exposure)  bring patients a new experience for mammary gland examination by improving image resolution, elevating patients' comfort level and reducing radiation of rays.
NeuVantage 1.5T
If a product is characterized by its powerful function, fast speed, low cost and high comfort level, that means it would be easily to be favored. Neusoft Medical's NeuVantage 1.5T is just such a product.
▲  Neusoft Medical's NeuVantage 1.5T on exhibition
Full-performance zero-liquid helium volatilizing magnet system
With outstanding evenness, stability and availability and being able to support 500mm overlarge FOV and eccentric imaging, the system can realize a good-quality imaging of all parts of the body, especially abdomen, spine and joints, etc. The lower operating cost, more stable and higher patient flow rates provide a guarantee for the steady growth of the equipment's comprehensive benefits.
NeuSENSE+16-channel parallel acceleration platform
Consisting of a sophisticated, leading 16-channel radio frequency system in effective combination with the brand-new parallel acceleration imaging technology NeuSENSE, the platform embraces a number of innovated technologies such as optimized coil design, more accurate coil sensitivity information detection, enhanced image reconstruction algorithm and space self-adapting noise reduction, which not only improve the image quality but also effectively increase the patient examination pass rate while reducing the examination time, thus making the work efficiency improved greatly.
NAIS abdomen imaging solution
As a comprehensive abdomen MR examination solution that is based on the full-performance zero-liquid helium volatilizing magnet system and NeuSENSE+16-channel parallel acceleration platform and equipped with the 4D Shimming and eFLI (enhanced Fat Suppression), it can provide high-quality abdomen MR examination images in a comprehensive, quick and stable way, thus making diagnosis more accurate and efficient.
NeuSight PET/CT
As a large-sized high-end medical device that has won the German iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award and passed the CFDA, FDA and CE certifications, NeuSight PET/CT witnesses a new vision of Neusoft Medical in terms of innovative exploration.
The PDR (Point Dispersion Restoration) technology adopted in the device can improve image resolution; the 2.7mm space resolution can provide more accurate identification for the boundaries between micro-focuses; the 720mm big caliber increases the comfort of patients, and plays a significant role in improving the work efficiency of doctors and mitigating the discomfort of patients.

▲ A model of NeuSight PET/CT on exhibition by Neusoft Medical
Image Cloud
The appearance of image cloud makes it possible to "access to high-quality medical services locally". Neusoft Medical's image cloud drew much attention immediately it appeared in the expo. The equipment features its intelligent tools for analyzing and processing automatic and semi-automatic quantitative data to highlight target images, furthermore, the image cloud-based "regional image center" allows information exchanges and business coordination between hospitals by establishing an alliance of hospitals, just as "amazing" as many visitors called it.
Centering on county and district-level hospitals, the "regional image center" constructed by Neusoft Medical connects upwards with provincial-level hospitals and remote consultation hospitals, meanwhile, radiates downwards all township hospitals, thus realizing a coordination of remote services between provincial, county and township-level hospitals and mobilizing all medical resources within the region to serve patients. This enables patients to access to high-quality medical services locally, meanwhile, ease the pressure on outpatient departments of large hospitals, thus attaining the purpose of benefiting people.
▲  Neusoft Medical's image cloud booth
Professional Training
In addition, Neusoft Medical held a training meeting for its partners from the Middle East and north African areas before the starting of the expo, aiming at its NeuViz Prime CT, NeuVantage 1.5T, NeuCare Mammo DR HD, NeuSight PET/CT and image cloud products, etc., so as to serve customers better through deep exchanges with its partners. The training program has also received wide applause.

▲  Scene of the training meeting
Starting with 2018 Arab Health, Neusoft Medical will keep on its way to independent R&D and innovation, and expand the domestic and international markets with its new products and solutions to make this "east wind" of technology from China sweep the whole globe.