Caring for you : Powerful and Proven Medical Solutions--JFR

Release time:2017.11.03
During October 13 to October 16, Neusoft medical exhibited in JFR, which is the largest and most influential radiation medical instrument exhibition for the French-speaking region, including more than 160 exhibitors. During the exhibition, nearly 30 seminars and academic conferences were held at the same time. We showed our high-end products, Prime CT and high field MR, and received a total of nearly 140 customers and agents.

The more representative is from the North African Maghreb countries, whose radiologists and agents have a strong interest in us. In addition, we also attracted French radiotherapy experts’ interest, including association president Dr Marinello.
Through our efforts, we establish a rich channel and a good reputation both in the public and private markets. The installed capacity in the French-speaking region of Africa, has reached nearly 100, especially in North Africa from the blank market to the 50 installed capacity.