Summit for the Development of China’s PET/CT Industry

Release time:2017.05.16

At the evening of May 15, 2017, “Summit for the Development of China’s PET/CT Industry” was held in Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel. More than 100 people including experts such as Cai Kui who is the head of Medical Engineering Department of Beijing Hospital, and Wang Rongfu who is a professor of Zhongshan School of Medicine, SYSU and is also a professor of Tumor Research Institute of the Second Military Medical University, An Jianping, Yang Guoren, Su Xinhui and etc., the existing and potential PET/CT clients and PET/CT team of Neusoft Medical Systems attended the summit. The experts and leaders made detailed explanations for the development status and trend of PET/CT in China and the related state policy guide, training and cultivation of PET/CT talents, the clinical value and application of PET/CT, operation & management of PET/CT Center, key points of environmental impact assessment for PET/CT and handling procedures of radiation safety permit.

PET/CT plays an important role in the preparation of diagnosis and treatment scheme for common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases. Malignant tumor has become both a serious disease and a common disease; therefore, many medical institutions hope that PET/CT device, especially one similar to the PET/CT device with great clinical applicability developed by Neusoft Medical Systems, can be adopted. Since the successful research & development of NeuSight PET/CT that is the only PET/CT device granted certification of FDA, CE and CFDA in China, Neusoft Medical Systems has been actively creating platforms for training, application and improvement in the field of PET/CT industry, to make contributions to the development of PET/CT in China and the health of the public together with medical institutions.