Decision by Red Dot Jury: NeuViz 128 CT and NeuSight PET/CT among the Best Products of the Year

Release time:2017.05.11

Recently the Red Dot Jury has made its decision, picking out the best products of the year among more than 5, 500 product innovations by manufacturers and designers from 54 countries. NeuViz 128 CT and NeuSight PET/CT are the Red Dot Award 2017 winners thanks to their high design quality. 

After iF product design award, the NeuViz 128 and the NeuSight PET/CT have won another leading international design award. This is a significant progress to Neusoft in that the company has made breakthroughs not only in technology but also in improving examination experience through cutting-edge product design.

Getting the Red Dot award, the NeuViz 128 and NeuSight PET/CT will be able to enjoy all the advantages contained in the Winner Package, including the use of the Red Dot winner label, the presentation of the award-winning product in the international “Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018”, on Red Dot Online, in the Red Dot App as well as at Red Dot 21, and the presentation in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen.


The NeuViz 128 integrates multiple clinical technologies and simplified design. It defines a design language for the company. The combination of soft, patient facing surfaces with precise defined structures offers a holistic design experience. The bold new design of control panels include large knobs which make the workflow more efficient and intuitive.

The NeuSight PET/CT combines state-of-the-art healthcare imaging with reduced design through combining soft but defined surfaces with precise contours. The 72cm bore and dual column table were first introduced to provide the highest comfort for the patients and a better picture quality. Extra wide table with soft cushions offer a welcoming entry. Integrative control elements allow the user to reach the point of interest fast and precise while LCD navigation integrated into the gantry provides a real-time status with patient information for streamlined workflow.

Both the NeuViz 128 and the NeuSight PET/CT enjoy favorable market response and feedback thanks to both its artistic design and extraordinary clinical performances.