Superstar 0.35T’s Extraordinary Image Quality Wins Confidence in Pakistan

Release time:2017.05.11
Recently two Superstar 0.35T MRI scanners have been installed in Pakistan through the government tenders. One is in the largest military hospital AFIRI Military Hospital, the largest of in its type in Pakistan. At AFIRI there are already one unit 3.0T, 2 units 1.5T MRI systems from multi-national companies. Yet the radiologists and technicians still gave their approbation to Neusoft’s open bore MRI scanner-the Superstar 0.35T, saying some of its sequences are comparable to those made on the 1.5T scanners.

The other 0.35T MRI is at GMM Medical College Hospital, which is located in a city of frequent security accidents. The local government has provided 24 hours per day police guard for the Chinese engineers for the MRI installation and training. The city also suffers from electricity shortage. So when there is electricity supply, Neusoft staff sometimes would work for over 10 hours a day to ensure that the training would be finished on time and with quality. Clinicians at GMM Medical College Hospital offered very favorable approbation to both Neusoft’s MRI systems and to Neusoft’s engineers.

Neusoft has very steady development in the Pakistan market. At the very beginning, the government would not include made-in-China medical imaging systems to its procurement provider list. Neusoft could not but begin development from private hospitals. Finally, the quality of scanners and service provided by Neusoft and Medequips convinced the Pakistan Government, and Neusoft was added to the list.

Private hospitals, high-end imaging centers, largest military hospitals, the Superstar 0.35T scanner has been widely recognized in Pakistan, as it has been in many other countries. The open bore market leader will continue its legend in serving people around the world.