iF Product Design Award Goes to NeuViz 128 and NeuSight

Release time:2017.03.15


On Mar. 10th, 2017, the iF Design Award Night was held in Munich, Germany. Neusoft Medical Systems is the winner of two Product Design Awards for our NeuViz 128 CT and NeuSight PET/CT. It is the first time that the company has won the iF award. Our continuous dedication to R&D has yielded high-end products, both technologically and aesthetically.  


About the iF Design Award 
For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has been recognized as a champion of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design innovation, and the iF design award is one of the most important design prizes in the world. 
In 2017, about 60 renowned experts from more than 20 countries selected the award winners in a clearly structured process based on well-defined criteria. The NeuViz 128 and the NeuSight stood out among the over 5,500 candidates and won the award. 

2017 If Design Award Jury Session

Why the NeuViz 128?
The NeuViz 128 is China’s first independently developed 128-slice CT scanner. Its precision and clarity are remarkable. It integrates multiple clinical technologies and simplified design. It defines a design language for the company. The combination of soft, patient facing surfaces with precise defined structures offers a holistic design experience. Interaction happens on a multi-sensorial level through touch, sound and light. The rings give instant feedback to the caregiver and also keep the patient aware and informed, reducing anxiety. The bold new design of control panels include large knobs which make the workflow more efficient and intuitive, and guarantee a same experience between exam and control room.
As of today, the NeuViz 128 has about 150 installation sites across the global market. 

NeuViz 128 CT

Why the NeuSight PET/CT?
The NeuSight PET/CT represents the next chapter of Neusoft's technological innovation. It combines state-of-the-art healthcare imaging with reduced design through combining soft but defined surfaces with precise contours. The 72cm bore and dual column table were first introduced to provide the highest comfort for the patients and a better picture quality. Extra wide table with soft cushions offer a welcoming entry. Integrative control elements allow the user to reach the point of interest fast and precise while LCD navigation integrated into the gantry provides a real-time status with patient information for streamlined workflow. 
The NesuSight has been ready for global markets with CE, FDA, CFDA certificates and etc. and its demo site is ready for your inspection in China. 

NeuSight PET/CT

Post iF Awarding Ceremony  
After the iF Design Award Night 2017, you can discover the NeuViz 128 and the NeuSight models at either of the following sites: iF Design Exhibition Hamburg,iF Design APP, iF official website: 
http://ifworlddesignguide.com/search/?search=neusoft, and some issues of iF Press and PR. 
Neusoft Medical Systems will continue innovation in medical imaging solutions both in terms of technology and artistic design. While providing more and more functionally powerful solutions to the market, we will improve the examination experience for caregivers and patients alike through cutting-edge design. Our journey of caring for you, caring for each end user and patient will go on and on.