NeuEcho 11

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Intelligent Micro blood flow image

Can intelligently collecting and processing blood flow signals. Obtain high sensitivity blood flow imaging, and display abundant blood flow information of micro vascular blood flow. 


Quantitative analysis of regional myocardial motion, identification of myocardial motion, assessment of the direction and phase of myocardial activity, and judgement of segmental wall motion abnormalities.

Needle Enhancement 

Improving accuracy and visibility of needle, reducing risk and targeting needle accurately.

HighQ Doppler Flow

HighQ Doppler Flow is an automatic Doppler real-time analysis technology, which can realize automatic, real-time Doppler spectrum tracing during measurement and analysis.

Auto OB

Automatically identify BPD, HC and OFD and display the measurement results manually.It improves the accuracy and consistency of measurement, and improves the efficiency of doctors


With the help of quantitive Elastic imaging technology, Elastography function can reflect tissue hardness, make up for the shortcomings of conventional ultrasound, and display and locate lesions more vividly.

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