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Clinicians today are facing challenges on many levels: increasing patient volumes, expanding diversity of patients, increasing the severity of chronic diseases and a shrinking budget. What Clinicians need is an affordable and high-performance ultrasound system which can meet their everyday clinical and workflow challenges.
NeuEcho 10 was determined to make instantaneous imaging and diagnosis more affordable and accessible to everyone. NeuEcho 10 was designed to provide high quality images and wide variety of clinical solutions that can improve diagnostic confidence across all departments, from radiology, urology to cardiovascular and obstetrics imaging.

SCI: Spatial Compound Imaging

FCI: Frequency Compound Imaging

Clear View +

New generation of Clear View technology, reduce speckle noise, enhance tissue contrast resolution and obtain true and better image quality.

Intelligent Micro blood flow image

Can intelligently collecting and processing blood flow signals. Obtain high sensitivity blood flow imaging, and display abundant blood flow information of micro vascular blood flow.

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