NeuWise PET/CT

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Main Parameters Wise-Source Free QC
Precise calculation of time delay compensation, and precise output of image information.
Wise-Reservation QC without Source
Intelligent Wise-VC Panoramic Imaging
Intelligent Software, Optimized experience
Intelligent reconstruction algorithm completely replaces external respiratory gated hardware, you can breathe freely.Optimized breathing acquisition process to dramatically correct respiratory motion constructed defect.
Injection Management: For patient registration management, the system can intelligently calculate the tracer injection dose.
Resting Management: coordinating and managing multiple patients' resting time, automatically reminding, reducing artificial error.
Protocol Management: remotely select the protocol, easy to operate.
Equipment Monitoring: remotely monitor through mobile terminals to ensure normal operation of equipment.
View MIP images in real time during scanning, and know the status of reconstructed images in a shorter time.