Medical Image Cloud
Medical Image Cloud Neusoft Medical Image Cloud is an open platform, Connectivity & Sharing is our philosophy.
Cloud Equipment With our devices access to the cloud and enjoy value-added services online are never so easy than before.
Intelligent CAD Software Various simple, efficient, professional, accurate intelligent CAD software with our top international expert resources gives you more facility in daily work.
Doctors’ Group Over 3000 doctors online delivers comprehensive tele-radiology services, including second opinion and online training.
Medical Image Cloud
Medical Image Cloud is a new generation of Neusoft Medical product of imaging department after traditional PACS and telemedicine. It’s the first time that traditional PACS and remote medical technology fuse perfectly. Based on big data, cloud computing, internet, smart mobile terminal applications, making the medical images reading and browsing more convenient.

Neusoft Medical Image Cloud can solve the problems of experts resources shortage, bridge large general and primary hospitals, enlarge patient source, increase device usage rate, provide cloud storage service and reduce data missing risk.

Cloud Equipment
Different from the traditional way of local image reading and diagnosing, cloud equipment supports doctors to access the image data via external network and the mode of mobile reading.

Free online diagnosis service will be provided by many famous radiologists and experts with your purchase.
Intelligent CAD Software
Various kinds of CAD software helping doctors and experts to diagnose certain diseases

Providing various image browsing and advanced processing tools from image and clinical perspective and output professional outcome of quantitive susceptibility imaging, hemorrhage stroke analysis and ischemic apoplexy analysis.

It is a 3D CT image analysis method to measure the BMD and bone structure aiming at the detection of osteoporosisIt.

Designed for CT image study in the urology clinic which allows easy acquisition, transmission, selection, review and processing of CT images providing the features of CT KUB, High Density Region of Interest (HD ROI) Analysis and View Tools.

The only CAD software which achieved CFDA certification with intellectual property rights. Effectively improves the early detection of breast cancer, and automatically detect micro-calcification clusters, mass tumors, stellate tumors and enlarged lymph nodes.

A 3D system of Lung based on CT image data which can provide automatic detection and measurement of emphysema and nodule and analysis of lung function and various nodule for doctors.

A image postprocessing workstation especially designed for colon department, including virtual endoscopic view of the colon, virtual cut-up view of the colon and region of interest inside the colon.
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